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Shaved cunt creampies

"The constitution guarantees free exercise of religion. It's the very first right in the bill of rights. The constitution says nothing about being a "secular state"."

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Mill | 30.05.2018
actually it does.. and I would say the same for everyone else... that is the unique quality of mankind.. yet man shall DIE !!! for it is appointed unto man ONCE TO DIE and after that THE JUDGMENT !!! :)
Duran | 03.06.2018
"The definition of morality is what we use to objectively judge the morals from."
Tojajind | 07.06.2018
News for gay people, we love you, but bakers are not your personal slaves.
Doukazahn | 12.06.2018
Yes. They were used by other people. This doesn't mean they weren't speaking from the heart or were any less deserving of being heard.
Ket | 16.06.2018
It was a cold May here in Assachusetts
Tugor | 22.06.2018
Whoa, Rambler - that is quite the site !!
Grolrajas | 28.06.2018
Canadian healthcare is fine. Which health statistics would you like to compare and contrast with American care?
Kebar | 04.07.2018
Again, a leftist who hasn't been paying attention. Hillary was mad because he opened her investigation up again right before the election. You may have forgotten that, the leftist media has buried it to focus on Trump firing him. He deserved to be fired, and will be due his prison time.
JoJobar | 07.07.2018
First of all, scholarship shows that first first century people were 95% illiterate. Which would make sense because only the wealthy could afford schooling and or scrolls to read.
Kagazilkree | 14.07.2018
Nobody who steals "for the poor" is righteous.
Mezikinos | 15.07.2018
one thing i found, { and im not making this up,] is when i was in my 30's i dated several women ,who were dating regularly, and attractive, but after i slept with them a few times, they began to get really attached, and on the obsessive
Faushakar | 17.07.2018
An abortion IS accountability. a child should not be punishment.
Jucage | 18.07.2018
And you haven't even included the monumental just plain, out & out harassment that occurs and is targeted at another specifically because of their gender (female primarily but now with increasing frequency bi/trans)...with no sexual component in the actual harassment. THAT is/can be even MORE insidious & difficult to quantify, document & prove...particularly when the silent tacit approval of a workplace culture is in play.
Tygora | 23.07.2018
I said nothing about morality I was talking about your god.
Meztigor | 25.07.2018
Do you understand that the Pope approved him and his party? Hitler is the product of RCC. The greatest crusade was their common goal.
Arashidal | 29.07.2018
"Gnostics didn't talk about good and evil in the sense that Jews did and other sects of Christians did."
Teshura | 03.08.2018
He also actively calls for death camps so, you know, one of those "very fine people"
Terr | 12.08.2018
Community posters are not allowed to add their own remarks to the description section, only in the comment section. Only text from the article can be quoted in the disucssion's description.
Kigajas | 15.08.2018
Sea lioning is the worst--when people pretend they "just want to know more" and ask you for what is essentially a doctoral dissertation with all your references double-checked. It's like, "Dude, if you want this type of debate go back to college. This is an opinion thread about whether or not Kathleen Kennedy ruined Star Wars."
Gardazshura | 25.08.2018
The question now is it enforceable? I mean there are thousands and millions of old laws still on the books. Just say you believe in the force. I really think this is funny.
Nikorn | 28.08.2018
I hear you. I would be pretty hurt and angry if I lost a baby I wanted very much because of someone else's actions. It does start a whole new debate though.
Metaur | 02.09.2018
Which judge ruled it to be illegal?
Kikus | 12.09.2018
Because? Have you any other examples that show life needs a creator?
Kamuro | 21.09.2018
It'd be the first time that we've colonized a place without introducing rats... (other than the arctic if that counts as a colony)
Mojinn | 24.09.2018
Correct. They might well exist. But humanity has no evidence of them.
Shaktigrel | 03.10.2018
True. Accept that sometimes your kid messed up.
Kezragore | 12.10.2018
"The sky, which is hard as molten looking glass" Job 38:17
Tuktilar | 20.10.2018
Pilthy Wititude, Region Rat.... And I gave you clarification? What more do you want? Besides it dose not look like you cared much to read, or try to clearly understand some of the things I said anyways... So in other words look in the mirror! Look I am sorry you take my views as insulting... But there is not much about paganism to be proud about.... Or complimentary too. My ancestors might have been some of the originals so too speak, as I have both Viking ad Celtic heritage..... And I thank the one TRUE GOD quite often that we left those dark ages. And If you don't think I have anything important to say.... Then stop talking to me... Its no different then the thousands of years of closing your eyes, ears, and mouths to the truth.
Digami | 27.10.2018
are you asking for a spider Bible or are you calling me a Spider Bible?
Mezirn | 31.10.2018
It had better not. What a fckin disgrace that would be. Let me just get out of round one will ya.
Shaved cunt creampies
Shaved cunt creampies
Shaved cunt creampies

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