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All naked russian blond girls

"really? Did you not read through what I wrote? I showed quite clearly the problem with works based salvation."

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Malatilar | 24.04.2018
Of course not. Any Christian who would support such an idea does not have an understanding of what their religion teaches.
Zulkigrel | 30.04.2018
Not far off though.
Male | 09.05.2018
It is not pliagarism if you cite the source, in this case very well cited.
Daihn | 16.05.2018
The fact you don't recognise the irony in what you just said there is absolutely hilarious to me.
Meztikinos | 22.05.2018
You do not seem to have any idea of what Gnosticism is about. Try to learn before discussing.
Kektilar | 29.05.2018
Oh, yes it does follow. A rose by any other name.
Zulkisho | 02.06.2018
So my parents' neighborhood is usually super quiet. I went to walk my dog today and about a couple blocks away we overhead this argument. Some dude was yelling SUPER loud [which, made it amplified because there aren't any people out and all the school buses are gone etc.]
Moogugar | 12.06.2018
Lol, it is.
Voodoonos | 14.06.2018
not according to the deeds in the bible
Kazradal | 22.06.2018
So youd say to a female soldier's face then that she shouldn't be I'm our armed forces because she's a girl
Mikajora | 25.06.2018
5 people on the court ruled in favor. Tough crap.
Gahn | 02.07.2018
Nobody is preaching against a god that they don't think exists, or at least not most of us.
Manris | 07.07.2018
LeBron doesn't get paid for anything I Klutch related, it's against nba rules. Thompson would've gotten more the following summer with the big cap increase and coming off a title win.
Tolkis | 11.07.2018
Just put it up. Hope it goes like I hoped. I was encouraged by the mostly sane cake discussion yesterday.
Magore | 14.07.2018
I think there is independent evidence for a God. But setting that aside (for this discussion), let me put it this way. If someone shuffles a deck of cards many times and you chose one card, Its an ace of hearts. This is repeated, and it's again an ace of hearts. This is repeated, and it's again an ace of hearts. At some point, you would be convinced that the process was not random at all - even though a "random explanation" would always be a possibility. Fine-tuning makes the same argument. There are a number of variables that have to be so close to what they are for there to be any life at all that the odds of this occurring are unimaginably small. I think the best naturalistic explanation is a (perhaps nearly) infinite multiverse. This is the explanation that many scientists adhere to. This would allow such a remarkably universe like ours to have existed by chance. However, I think this "best naturalistic explanation" falls short, and that our universe does not seem to be something that happened by chance.
Faesar | 22.07.2018
It's not just like picking vanilla over chocolate; that is a choice that has no obvious bearing on the lives of others; sure, we all have our own definition of morality (ranging from "the good book tells me so" through to "harm none")... and there is no way to tell who is right in an objective fashion unless we agree on the basic gist... which, of course, we do.
Tolabar | 30.07.2018
Never smile at them. No: you can't be friendly with a crocodile.

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